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Whether you have a great idea for online business, a small business needing a website, or you need help marketing your brand I’m the man for the job. My dual experience in website design and business means that I know how to get you the success you need. 

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Website Design

Do you need a new website? Or do want your existing website redesigned? Well look no further.

Digital Marketing

Boost your marketing with things like social media, paid advertising, content, SEO, email and more.

Hosting + Maintenance

Once you've got a website off the ground you need someone to keep it running, safe and optimized!


Do you want to be able to sell online? You can have a shop totally online or add the feature your business.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of getting your website to be seen first on search engines.

I.T. Solutions

Being on top of the technological needs of a company can be difficult, so if you need techy help I'm your guy.

Website Estimate Calculator

* The price calculator provides a rough estimate. 

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What you get when you work with me:

Proven Results

Proven Results

Not only do I have the technical knowledge and expertise, but over years I’ve fine-tuned my craft and gained the experience by creating many successful websites for other clients.

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Business Background

For most of my life I’ve been a manager in another business, and so I know the challenges that you face. I use this to make the experience as easy and pain-free as possible. 

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I really care about helping you. 
I am an extremely hard working guy, and I won’t stop until I can get the results that you and your business need. Bring on the late nights (as long as there’s coffee!).

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On-going Support

Working with me doesn’t get you some “Finish and Forget” product. I know that you aren’t an expert so I’m always available to help you with your website or marketing even after it’s been built. 


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