About Me

What I do

I am a freelance website designer, developer and digital marketing consultant.

Eh…. What? Well what that means is that I am self-employed and specialise in:

My Background

I’m half Irish and half Spanish. I live in the sunny south of Spain with beautiful girlfriend and my ridiculously cute cat Simba. I also like building things from wood. 

Like so many others nowadays, I’m totally self taught. I did go to university to study Structural Engineering + Architecture, but it just wasn’t for me so when I graduated I went to work for an language provider company based in Spain. I’ve been working there over 10 years!

I’ve always been fairly tech-savvy and so I decided to learn website design and development so I could create a website for the company I work for. And it all kicked off from there! I found that I really loved the technical and creative mix of building websites and so decided to start my freelance web business.

My Values

I’m passionate about empowering people to achieve their dream of having a successful business.

Over 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months, leaving many great ideas behind and many founders wondering where they went wrong. Quite often, the reason for the failure is not due to the business idea or its execution, but it is in the way the business is presented to attract new customers.

I’m here to change this. I want the world to know your name.

My strength is in understanding how business needs are met with marketing strategy and a memorable customer experience.

My focus is on achieving business results in everything that I do. My client’s goals become my goals.

And my formula is: 

Your Wisdom + My Wisdom = More Success.

What you get when you work with me:

Proven Results

Proven Results

Not only do I have the technical knowledge and expertise, but over years I’ve fine-tuned my craft and gained the experience by creating many successful websites for other clients.

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Business Background

For most of my life I’ve been a manager in another business, and so I know the challenges that you face. I use this to make the experience as easy and pain-free as possible. 

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I really care about helping you. 
I am an extremely hard working guy, and I won’t stop until I can get the results that you and your business need. Bring on the late nights (as long as there’s coffee!).

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On-going Support

Working with me doesn’t get you some “Finish and Forget” product. I know that you aren’t an expert so I’m always available to help you with your website or marketing even after it’s been built. 

Are you ready to work together?